During this quarantine period due to the pandemic by COVID-19, we have been in search of bands, some with a long time on the international metal scene but for different reasons we didn’t have the opportunity to listen to them. A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to contact a very interesting band from Finland, they are Where’s My Bible, a name that caught our attention as well as their music. Toni Hinkkala, guitarist of the band, answered some of our questions. With a rather curious project, we leave you some of his answers of our interview. Enjoy!

HEADBANGERS LATINOAMERICA: Hey Tony, how are you doing?. These are difficult times so we want to know how are you dealing with all this COVID-19 pandemic?

TONI HINKKALA: Thanks for asking. Aside from the state of emergency in the world, we are healthy and well. The situation is strange for everyone and scary for many, but all we can do is do our part to defeat the pandemic and follow the given instructions. We live in exceptional times and at the time of the interview, it has been decided to open schools in Finland. Let’s hope for the best and that things will go in a better direction.

H.L: How do you think this pandemic is going to change music industry from now and on?. What do you think about going back to live shows, but from your cars.

T.H: It is still too early to say, but of course we hope that we can return to the old normal. What worries us the most are gigs and when it will be safe to organize gigs again and if people will dare to go out to see their favorite bands?. Watching gigs in a car sounds like a fun idea but organizing and keeping people in cars during gigs can prove to be very challenging. Especially for metal music lovers.

H.L: Besides being musicians, what else do you do?. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I guess that in your country (Finland) things are going different. In South America, for example, we are under quarantine.

T.H: We all have day jobs. Our guitarist Pasi also works as a recorder/mixer and producer. For example, he has recorded and mixed all of our band’s production as well as many other projects. People in Finland have also been instructed to avoid movement and human contact. Especially the older population has been instructed to remain in quarantine.

H.L: How can you describe Where’s My Bible’s sound? What makes you different from other finish bands (related to metal scene)

T.H: The best thing about Where’s My Bible is that you never know what will happen next. We have inadvertently found ourselves in a situation where no one really knows what music we are playing. That’s why we’ve started calling it “Mosh´n´roll”, which was also the name of our debut album. “Mosh´n´roll” represents the freedom to do things in your own way, regardless of the opinions of others.

H.L: Why did you choose ”Where’s My Bible” as a name? Sounds like something religious, but I guess it’s not.

T.H: After thinking about the name of the band for a while, our singer Jussi thought out loud “Where’s my Bible” and not long after we decided to take it as the name of the band. After all, everyone can decide if it has a deeper purpose, but for us it is at least not religious. It just sounds outrageous and good!.

H.L: How’s a Where’s My Bible show? I mean, every band has a routine, or something that makes them different.

T.H: We love performing! We always perform with full energy and have received a lot of praise for the gigs. A good feeling catches people when they see us on stage breaking away from everyday worries while enjoying playing. It just simply draws people into the vortex of mosh´n´roll! However, some side effects may occur like sore necks after our gigs.

Listen their album: MNR

H.L: I had the opportunity to listen to you latest album (M’n’R) 💿 from 2018. One of my favorite songs is ”Me Myself and I”. How was the process of production of it?

T.H: The main structure of the song was created in an instant when Pasi and our former drummer Antti were jamming in the middle of rehearsals. In the following rehearsals, the instrumental part in the end of the song suddenly started playing in my head. Fun part was that I was already in a hurry to get out of rehearsals to take care of things and the guitar was already in my bag so I had to hum it for the boys. But the main thing is that it got written down because it’s one of my favorite riffs to play at a gig. Strong heavy ass kicking atmosphere.

We wrestled some time with a quiet spot in the middle of the song to make it fit. Over time it became very good and on top of that, Jarno’s gorgeous bass section is beautiful to listen to. Probably because of that sensitive section we decided to try clean vocals on it and they also sit well in it. So far it is the only song where we have used them. I think we will use them in future when our music allows it.

Listen to their latest single: “Werewolves of Ghost Town”

H.L: Your latest single is ”Werewolves of Ghost Town”, and I read that this single was dedicated to a friend. Is this a “taste” from a brand new album?

T.H: The new single is a taste of where the band is going musically. We have new songs we are currently working on and we will start recording in the summer. I can’t promise a full album but something unique and great is coming.

H.L: What motivates you to create music? During these difficult times, most artist are composing new material. What about Where’s The Bible? 

T.H: Music is great because it helps, whether things are good or bad. Due to the current situation, I finally stopped for a moment and gave time for myself and for music. This has allowed me to dive deeper into making music and it feels fantastic.

H.L: Would you like to come to Latin America? Have you ever been here?

T.H: We would love to come. I don’t think any of us have ever been there.

H.L: What message do you have for your fans (around the world)?

T.H: Take care of each other! Together we can get things right. It certainly took time but be patience and a better tomorrow is yet to come.

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Interview by: Pamela Calderon